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Our Values

We will be the leading provider in Northern Europe of IT solutions supporting processes related to design, engineering, production, and the subsequent management of any advanced constructions. Our expertise is based on our lean philosophy where we together with our customers, establish qualified and effective work processes which are supported by job satisfaction and innovation.”

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At Symetri we are honest and sincere when we do business. We empathise with our customers and always strive to propose what we believe is the right solution.

We shall use our core competence to launch methods and tools at an early stage to inspire you as a customer to start change processes at your company.

We strive to understand your daily workflows and problems. The solutions we offer can always be related to this. We contribute to formulating and putting the focus on your needs and we always put you at the centre.

We value both yours and our company’s experiences and strive to complement each other. We offer you our experience in the areas we work in combined with the progressiveness that IT can contribute to your activity.

Jens Kollserud, CEO Symetri & Director AEC Business Unit
Jens Kollserud CEO Symetri & Director AEC Business Unit Phone+46 70 875 19 20