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The demand for quickly built, sustainable, cost-efficient houses with a high level of technical and social quality is making construction projects more challenging than ever, as well as riskier for general contractors and subcontractors. That’s why it is important to have the right BIM solutions for construction. But what happens when you face challenges in the building industry when pursuing digital innovation? At Symetri, we welcome them. By focusing on BIM and digital workflows, we help our clients work smarter, thereby not only improving safety and quality but also reducing risks and costs.

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The benefits of BIM and digital workflows

Making everyday work easier

... and increasing efficiency.

Eliminating risks

... and reducing stress. 

Help reduce the risk

... of misunderstandings.

Detected hazards

... can easily be documented.

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AutoCAD Essentials

This 3-day AutoCAD Essentials course is designed for new AutoCAD® / AutoCAD LT® software users who require comprehensive training. The ...

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

With BIM software, contractors can access models and data to get a much clearer and consistent understanding of the project. BIM software and a good workflow also allow you to ensure access to the latest revisions of 3D models, drawings and specifications, and to collaborate with your team and expand the use of this information to support and streamline previously complex or time-consuming tasks. With access to BIM information, you can give relevant feedback on different issues more easily to the design and project management team: issues that would otherwise have been revealed at a much later stage leading to additional costs and time.

Plug-ins for Revit are key to success

The leading-edge technology we have chosen to work with are Autodesk Revit, Navisworks and BIM360. To enable you to be the most competitive in your business area we have in close partnerships with our customers developed our own technology. Naviate is a set of plug-ins for Revit aimed at helping you save time, increase quality and work more efficiently. With our leading-edge technology and expertise at Symetri, we will help your business to deliver innovative building designs.

Experienced BIM consultants

Our BIM consultants have a long track record in consultancy and implementing BIM. We have seen and solved many BIM challenges for all kinds of customers in the building industry – so there is a good chance we will be able to solve yours as well.

Case Studies

SWECO Norway saves time with Naviate Structure

When planning the expansion of a sewage system, in Flesland, Flesland, the company SWECO in Bergen, Norway, experienced how investing in a tool for automation of working routines can results in ROI in several of their BIM projects.

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Naviate streamlines our BIM projects

When a train passes a train station at 250 kilometres per hour, the air pressure on the waiting passengers is likely to be unpleasant. However, at the new Holmestrand train station outside Oslo, this will not be the case.

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The time of paper copies out in the field has passed

Thanks to BIM 360 Field, the whole building site is being digitised and not just the drawing and the model. All the work that so far has been done around the computer screen in the ‘building shed’ is now being moved out to the building site.

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