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3D laser scanning saves Saab a month of working time.

When Saab needed to rebuild the nose of an existing aircraft, there were no design data. The nose, which consisted of complex geometries in the form of double curvature surfaces, was very difficult to measure by hand, and to manage the task, we had to produce an exact copy in a short space of time. The solution was 3D laser scanning, which meant that the design department had quick access to correct geometry and, at the same time, was able to use the scanning as data for the simulation analysis.


Business Challenge:

  • Sensors had to be built into the nose of an aircraft for Saab to be able to analyse the best way to help pilots land with very limited visibility
  • There were no design data
  • An exact copy of the original was needed. Measuring the nose by hand was too difficult as it consisted of complex geometries


  • Symetri scanned a plane using a 3D laser scanner
  • As near as perfect 3D images of the surfaces could be produced in a short time


  • Saab was able to complete the project within the specified timetable and with the required data precision
  • They also got a complete model that could be used to simulate a flow analysis
  • 3D laser scanning is a very costeffective way to produce data



– Without 3D laser scanning we could not have produced the exact design data we needed. We saved about a month of working time and completed the job ahead of schedule. We also had a complete model that our analysis department could use to simulate a flow analysis.

Magnus Enell, Design Office at Saab

Neil Adcock, Head of Sales
Neil Adcock Head of Sales Phone+44 7980 735 215