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SWECO Norway saves time with Naviate Structure.

SWECO Norway saves time with Naviate Structure

Business Challenge

Finding a solution for bolting light and other technical equipment to the ceiling in a tunnel, giving detailed information on the coordinates for all 4000 bolts.


  • New function in Naviate Structure for Revit gives an automatic overview of all coordinates for 4000 bolts.
  • Implementatioin of data between partners in BIM projects.
  • Close dialogue between Symetri and SWECO.


  • Control on all 4000 bolts with coordinates – an essential improvement of methodology.
  • Automation; manual simulation for every bolt, would have meant 3 weeks manual work for the entire project team.
  • The new function in Naviate gives full control through the early stages of the project planning.
  • Automation of project data; Excel files are now generated and shared automatically to the respective systems of the partners in the project.


“It takes a lot of drive and willingness to spend time developing new custom-made solutions and not all resellers work as professionally as our consultants at Symetri. I have worked with Symetri all through my career and I know what they stand for.” 

Yngve Sælen, BIM Manager, SWECO.

Per Ole Otterness,
Per Ole Otterness Phone+47 41 55 64 54