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September 2018

Autodesk Fusion 360 Overview Webinar

Autodesk Fusion 360 is the first 3D CAD, CAM and CAE tool of its kind, but do you know what this tool can bring to the design and manufacturing table?

Our webinar will give you a basic overview of how Autodesk Fusion 360 as a single cloud-based platform can stimulate and advance your design, engineering and manufacturing processes.


Join our webinar to learn more about:

Cloud storage: A360 – What is it? How to register and get started with cloud storage? We will explain cloud storage, how to register and get started using your free A360 account online and via the Fusion 360 application.

Accessing Autodesk Fusion 360: Are you using Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection or Autodesk Product Design suite? If so you can access Fusion 360, but at what level? We will explain how to gain access to Fusion 360 whether you are using the collection or the suite, including the difference in the flavours of the product i.e. Fusion 360 and Fusion 360 Ultimate.

Autodesk Fusion Team: What is Fusion Team? Can I benefit from utilising this tool? We will explain Fusion Team and the benefits.

Working with Fusion 360: An overview of the product. How to navigate around the application? Taking your design through each stage of design and manufacturing exploring the tools to validate design at a basic level.

Learning Fusion 360: Online learning tutorials connected inside the Fusion 360 application. How to gain access and where to find up to date quality information to aid your learning experience.

Thursday 11th October
9:30 - 10:30 BST


Hear from Stephen Hooper, General Manager of the Fusion 360 family regarding One Fusion 360 and how it is now more accessible for you to access this great technology so that you have the freedom to innovate, explore, and make anything.