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The global automotive and transportation industries face an increasing number of challenges in the years ahead. Tackling aging transport infrastructure and ever-tougher emissions legislation, as well as a higher level of government intervention and regulation, the sector is facing a difficult path towards a more sustainable future.


Hybrid and electrical solutions are winning progressively over more traditional vehicles. In addition, consumer desire for tailor-made products as well as demands to see their own particular vehicle before it has even been manufactured is also on the increase.



Quality management is an important factor, and support for industry-specific standards and practices such as IRIS and 8D in the transportation industry is also a vital component in today’s business solution. In order to minimise risks related to product failures, quality and safety regulations are complied with throughout a product’s life cycle, thus placing high demands on the management of lifetime data and supportive processes.


The functional design and development of modern motor and transportation vehicles are typically carried out by a large team that includes many different disciplines such as safety assessment, visualisation, vehicle dynamics, electronics and durability. In addition, the complexity of components involved in the planning, design and production processes requires a combination of different tools and techniques.


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Neil Adcock Head of Sales Phone+44 7980 735 215