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Food & Beverage

A fresh approach to technology.

In the Food and Beverage industry it is vital to be able to bring products to market faster, while at the same time meeting the regulatory requirements of the EU and satisfying consumer demands. Recipe information, product data handling and project management are one of the key focus areas to succeed in this.


Effectively managing complex recipe information, producing the correct information on labels and identifying the right type of material required for each step of production rely on automation. This is built on top of precise and exact product data that help companies avoid very costly product recalls or interruptions to production that affect the whole business.



Productive management of projects is based on linking multiple stakeholders together to execute tasks and duties at the right time to meet the planned launch date. This enables fast time-to-market of new products, minimising hassle and duplicated work.

It is safe to say that Successful Food & Beverage Manufacturing starts with connecting Data, People and Processes tightly together across the products’ – and recipes’ – life cycles.


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Neil Adcock, Head of Sales
Neil Adcock Head of Sales Phone+44 7980 735 215