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Pre-fabricated Housing

Modular based, efficient building from design to production.

Modular based, efficient building from design to production


Prefabrication and modular construction are processes that have been used by generations of construction professionals. Today, through modern technology, we have the advantage to improve the productivity of the whole construction industry.


If you work with manufacturing while producing and delivering building elements, modules, or even whole houses you are well aware of the many advantages and challenges in doing so. They are both linked to the fact that you often are responsible for the complete building process with its many concerns and stakeholders as well as the many different technical disciplines within it. A major success factor is to have effective solutions and processes supporting a continuous workflow that minimises interruptions and rework.

One major differentiator is to adopt a BIM workflow that has the right solutions to support you throughout the whole process – from the initial concept design, through cost estimation, quantity take-off, and finally construction/fabrication.


The right solution enables you to:

  • Use and continuously develop one model through each phase of the process.
  • Cooperate in the same model – everyone having access to the same updated information.
  • Work with automated and qualified processes and designs based on predefined rules and configurations.
  • Meet the customer expectations on being flexible in their requests and demands without losing efficiency.
  • Create Information and quantity take offs to efficiently support additional processes in your workflow.
  • Create CNC outputs for a variety of tools and production lines direct from the BIM-model.


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Neil Adcock, Head of Sales
Neil Adcock Head of Sales Phone+44 7980 735 215