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March 2017 - PLM - Product Lifecycle Management

BRUSH moves forward in the SOVELIA PLM project

In November 2016 we announced that BRUSH Electrical Machines will invest in Symetri’s PLM solution SOVELIA. Now, after just over 2 months, the PLM project has really kicked off with tight co-operation to plan adaptation of SOVELIA PLM Templates into the company’s release process.

After full deployment of SOVELIA PLM, some of the current companies bespoke business systems will be retired and access to business critical product information through SOVELIA is secured.


Gareth Williams, Head of IT and Jamie Wilson, Systems Developer from BRUSH visited the SOVELIA project team in Tampere, Finland during January 2017. The aim for this face to face meeting for BRUSH was to meet the whole project team and see their working methods. For Symetri it was a unique opportunity for Symetri R&D and MFG Management to gain knowledge about the BRUSH way of working, their current processes and future needs on a concrete level.


“It is extremely interesting and exciting times. At the moment there are 3 people from IT involved from our side, but we are soon moving to the phase when designers start getting involved in the project. They will start looking into how the workflows with PLM will go and how the designers wish to work in the future,” tells Gareth Williams.


BRUSH has had a close relationship with Symetri UK for more than 6 years. In 2013 they moved from 2D to 3D with the support of Symetri and when the need to look into a PLM solution arose they met with Symetri’s John Bartle and his team, the decision was quite easy at the end – Partnership with Symetri will continue and grow from British shores to the Nordics.


Brush and Symetri PLM implementation planning

Picture: Hands-on workshop planning for the BRUSH specific customisations.

The two days that Gareth and Jamie spent in Tampere were really successful. Now it is clear that the PLM template approach with some BRUSH specific customisation is the right way to go. BRUSH also got the confirmation they were looking for – Symetri now truly and genuinely understands their processes and a unanimous alignment was made where to go next and what could be the end result. As a result of a productive workshop and some thorough discussions the outcome was that Symetri and BRUSH have agreed to extend the scope of SOVELIA PLM deployment to also cover Document management and Product Information distribution process allowing external parties to access BRUSH product information securely at any time and with any device.


Change is not bad – Bad change is bad

“We are lucky in a way that there is no specific time pressure from our Management, we will do things correctly and it will take the time needed. I’ve always been pro-change, it is never bad, only bad change is bad,” finishes Gareth.


When the PLM implementation project is finalised and BRUSH will go live with SOVELIA PLM, 1,200 users worldwide will have secure access to the data – it is clear that a ready, working solution needs to be in place.