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March 2017 - PLM - Product Lifecycle Management

Lidan Marine takes the next step in its PLM investment: document management

Lidan Marine’s decision to invest in the PLM system Sovelia to improve the efficiency of its construction department meant linking the CAD system to the business system to create an automatic connection between the construction environment and business system and that way eliminate manual work and duplicated information entry. Now it has decided to take yet another step – to use Sovelia for document management.

Henrik Eriksson, teknisk chef, Lidan Marine“For us, Sovelia has been the right investment,” says Henrik Eriksson, Technical Manager at Lidan Marine and one of the proposers of introducing PLM. “The implementation of the system has gone smoothly and we have achieved what we wanted, namely to link the CAD system to our business system for a structured release process.”

The integration with the business system, which manages approvals and release processes, ensures that only the latest and approved BOMs and drawings can be used for production, purchases and by suppliers.


Uses Sovelia for document management

With these parts in place in the organisation, we have decided to take the next step and make use of the benefits of Sovelia’s document management. The project started with Symetri configuring Sovelia to Lidan Marine’s requirements so the documents are classified and numbered in a consistent way.

“Sovelia is a good system to bring together documents for item management, which we have not had a common structure for internally,” according to Henrik Eriksson.


Item-specific documents at the start

Initially, we focused on entering item-specific documents, e.g. product and component data sheets and type certificates for a particular item.

“By having the correct information on the items in the system, we improve our ability to reuse them. We also get a good overview of the documentation we are required to deliver to the customer, and it is easy to put together the whole documentation package,” explains Henrik Eriksson.

By adding documents systematically, project by project, we will build up relatively complete item documentation in the long term directly in Sovelia and we will then only need to add documentation for new items.

“As Customer Manager for Lidan Marine, it feels great be part of developing their Sovelia system. With ordered and structured documentation management, they will be able to reduce the time it takes to produce unique project documentation and improve its quality. This kind of functionality is one of Sovelia’s big strengths,” says Symetri’s Andreas Näsman who has many years’ of experience  helping companies in the manufacturing industry to make their development processes more efficient.


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Neil Adcock,
Neil Adcock Phone+44 7980 735 215