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March 2017

New solution to Manage and Share your design data is now available!

Perform your work using simple, easy to use, but still powerful methods with SOVELIA Engineering. Solution includes many enhancements to standard Autodesk Inventor software which improves the performance of the design and brings valuable time savings.


Time and resources are always in short. Manufacturing companies and their product development must be able to respond to their customer demands quickly with high quality products. The trend is also towards more and more mass customisation rather than standard products. Therefore companies are looking for Engineering solutions that that are easy-to-use, can automate repetitive tasks and improve the quality of the product information. In other words, they are looking for solutions that will help companies to do more with less.


Another challenge in companies relate to sharing data and it being usually a combination of both manual and labor intense processes or that engineering work is being interrupted by questions from other departments. Therefore people start to maintain their ”own private archives” of drawings or product structures  on various excel files. This leads to problems when the changes in designs are not properly maintained and communicated. Duplicated data on various information silos will result in a situation where no one knows where the actual latest information is.


Symetri has responded to these requirements with a new solution called SOVELIA® Engineering.



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