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October 2018

What is ‘SOVELIA® Piping’ for Inventor?

Pipe design in Autodesk Inventor can be a challenge. SOVELIA® Inventor Piping supports your design process and is easy to learn and simple to use.

For many years, Symetri customers have asked ‘Why isn’t there a workable 3D-piping tool for Autodesk Inventor or any competitors’ products?’ We listened to our customer needs, and with input and guidance from some of these customers we developed our own piping tool.


Our criteria was to create a solution that would be;

  • Easy to understand – allowing users to adopt the workflow and technology.
  • Fast to work with – increasing productivity and making it easy to meet time demands.
  • Flexible to allow modification – as design changes come along at different stages of the project these can be easily incorporated in the existing design.


To get started, you will need;

  • Standard Autodesk Invento
  • Elbows in Content Center
  • SOVELIA® Inventor Piping

In addition, as is the case in Inventor, SOVELIA® Inventor Piping Content Center is the base to build from as most pipe parts and components are defined there.

Customer feedback indicates SOVELIA® Inventor Piping significantly reduces time for creation and modification of pipes when compared to using standard Inventor.

If you are looking to increase productivity or reduce project delivery times please do not hesitate to contact us.


Watch our recorded webinar to learn more and see how SOVELIA Inventor Piping can work for you!


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