Subtractive Design

Making precision molds

Subtractive Manufacturing

Subtractive manufacturing techniques are widely recognised as subtractive fabrication involving the cutting of solid blocks of material. Utilising Autodesk’s advanced manufacturing products users can venture into a world of precise machine and tooling techniques that rival none. With the use of high performing, efficient and programable products users have the confidence and reliability that will aid reduction in waste and boost productivity overall.

Benefits of Subtractive Solutions

Produce quality-controlled products with high tolerances
Create prototype products and automate machine toolpaths
Integrate CAD, CAM and CAE to boost productivity
Automate workflows from design to numeric code
Collaborate using cloud technology


With the use of prototype 3D modelling combined with manufacturing techniques inside Autodesk’s CAM software users will have a fully loaded CAD/CAM solution.

CAD/CAM solutions range from 2, 3, 4 and 5 axis machining with integrated design, simulation and collaboration tools.


Automated CAM

Autodesk provides automated CAM software with CNC programming. Program faster with automatic recognition tools based around the scan and identification of features. Intelligent and consist of programming with collision avoidance of regions and work holdings.

Supporting 2, 3, 4 and 5 axis machining – milling, turning, mill-turn, swiss lathe and wire EDM.

Expert CNC Programming

Complex machining, programming, simulation and verification are tasks performed by Autodesk’s expert high speed 5 axis machining software.

Rapid calculation of toolpaths, efficient roughing and comprehensive finishing are only some of the tasks that can be performed using Autodesk’s expert CNC programming software. Fewer setups, more aggressive feeds and speeds, improved machine motion and shorter cycle times give Autodesk’s expect solution a very high rating.

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Cheryl Sneddon
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James Lodge
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