Product Data Management (PDM)

Improve your competitive advantage with efficient Product Data Management

Are you looking to improve the quality and management of the product data in your company?

Efficient management of engineering data is essential for a company to improve its efficiency and competitiveness.

Having the right Product Data Management (PDM) solutions and software in place will help you organise, manage and track data creation, simulation and documentation processes for design and engineering workgroups within your company.

Today’s 3D CAD solutions consist of complex file hierarchies with internal dependencies between the design files. The complexity is further increased by various generators that create files and internal references. Managing all this in different design scenarios and change processes is crucial. Only Autodesk Vault Workgroup and Professional can provide full support for all design data and internal file links resulting from Autodesk Design Solutions. We have even enhanced the superior functionality of Autodesk Vault with our SOVELIA technology, which adds a number of features that significantly increase the efficiency of design data management.

Sharing business critical information in a reliable and swift way at Parker Hannifin

In the digital working environment at Parker, it is essential that engineering teams can share business critical information in a reliable and swift way, for example with workshop employees.

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Innovative business decisions are supported by unique technology solutions

By designing an entire hybrid system for buses – covering everything between the fuel tank and the wheels with optimal performance of every component, Vantage Power has created a system that results in higher fuel economy, lower emissions and greater reliability than alternative systems.

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Polarbröd designs and develops their own production premises with support of Symetri and Autodesk solutions

Swedens third largest bread producer develops their own production premises with support from Symetri and Autodesk solutions.

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More efficient product development at Movomech

Applying Lean Engineering methodology in practice minimised sources of error and increased product quality that save time and money.

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Implementation of PDM solutions increases competitiveness at APL

In-house innovation and development of high-end engineering solutions for the offshore industry is based on expert advisory by the consultants from Symetri.

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