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Advanced technology that is easy to use.

With laser scanners from Faro, you will have one of the best tools to keep track of all the details and allows companies to maximise efficiencies and improve processes. With Symetri FM, we can, of course, offer this service, but the best solution may be your own scanner for practical and economic reasons. We are authorised dealers for Faro in the UK and across the Nordic countries and can offer a professional approach to the purchase, support, and service.

976,000 images per second

In laser scanning language, we don’t actually call them images but points. Faro’s scanners build a cloud of points at high speed with such accuracy that they produce near-perfect 3D representations of indoor and outdoor surfaces and rooms. With the models, correct measuring points and other important data can be produced with precision and ease.

Easy to Use

Although the technology is advanced the scanners we offer are easy to learn and use. Faro Laser Scanner can help increase the efficiency and quality of your work and are compatible with Autodesk products. The result of 3D laser scanning is a cloud of points that can be integrated with CAD systems to create a 3D object model with correct geometries as well as a complete, navigable 3D image in which everything in the image can be displayed and measured.

Who will benefit from Laser Scanning?

  • For those in the infrastructure sector 3D scanning is ideal for large projects such as the design of bridges, tunnels, railways, etc., but also in the planning of smaller assignments such as landscaping and the lighting of buildings etc.

  • For those in the manufacturing, processing, construction and automotive industry 3D laser scanning is a good tool for the reconstruction of products, machines, plants and factories where there is no accurate 3D models or drawings, as well as the refurbishment of oil rigs, ships, and aircraft.

  • For architects, property managers and building owners - when appropriate documentation is not available for renovation or reconstruction, e.g. drawings or BIM models, then 3D laser scanning is an unrivalled method to create a true copy of the building and obtain exact measurements in three dimensions


We offer two models

  • Faro Focus 

This is our most powerful and capable laser scanner - it has the best technology with a range of up to 330 metres at the lowest price on the market. Read more  

  • Faro Scanner Freestyle

Freestyle is a small, very easy to use and flexible hand-held scanner suitable for scanning in tight and difficult environments where the requirement of precision and performance are high. 

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We have the software to process your scanned data to allow you to easily continue working with 3D models in other suitable software such as Autodesk's products.


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