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BIM - Building Information Modelling

Efficient cooperations and informed decisions.

BIM (Building Information Modelling/Model) is about efficient cooperation and informed decisions. BIM is a work process in which intelligent 3D models and the related data help teams to cooperate and understand their projects in unprecedented ways.


With BIM, all project stakeholders (architects, engineers, project leaders, contractors, craftsmen, service personnel, building operators and others) can access and work with the same data and always keep the model information updated.


With BIM you can:

  • Design, visualise and simulate in one common model or across several models
  • Enrich the information in the model during the development of the model and its lifecycle
  • Increase efficiency and shorten lead times
  • Perform analyses in early phases, which leads to better-informed decisions
  • Save your model information to keep it for future use
  • Communicate your data and model information
  • Keep track of all your assets
  • Manage logistics more efficiently


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Neil Adcock, Head of Sales
Neil Adcock Head of Sales Phone+44 7980 735 215