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Your Insurance to a Safe Vault Environment.

Continuous server surveillance gives Vault users better control over data.


Autodesk Vault is a globally used software that helps many of our customers to organise, distribute and trace large quantities of data in the design, construction and production process. Unfortunately, many do not understand how the operating environment in Vault works and therefore fail to back up their data, risking losing important information. With the help of ActiveEye, this problem is easy to remedy.


“ActiveEye saves me a lot of manual work. I know that the server has sufficient disk space and that the backup works as it should without having to control it. It is absolutely invaluable with automatic translation of the system.”
Svein Korssund, CAD Manager, Norsafe, Norway


With ActiveEye, you get regular reports on:

  • Backup: Has the server been backed up recently?
  • Spare capacity: Is there sufficient free space on the server?
  • Replication: Is the Vault system replicated as it should be?
  • Job Server: Does the job server work as it should?
  • Log: Are you keeping a check on the log files in Vault?
  • Licence Server: Does the licence server work as it should?
  • Memory usage: Get a full overview of the server’s memory usage.


When developing ActiveEye, Symetri worked together with Norsafe, Stimline and Swire, which all used the beta version of the program for a long time with good results.


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