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Tacton Design Automation

With the Tacton solution, you can respond to customer requests with ​speed, certainty and maximum flexibility.

Tacton Design Automation makes designing and selling custom products as fast and easy as standard products. The solution helps with the automatic creation of the quotation documentation and visualisation needed by sales, as well as the detailed production and assembly drawings and documentation needed for manufacturing.

With the Tacton solution, you can respond to customer requests with speed, certainty and maximum flexibility – no matter how complex the product. You’ll configure, design and deliver custom products radically faster, eliminate errors and free up valuable engineering time.


Design Automation for Engineers

Design automation takes the manual work out of configuring and designing custom products so you can focus on what really matters – innovating and developing your product line.


“The drawings for complex shaft arrangements can now be produced in as little as 20 minutes, where this process previously took between 24 and 60 hours.” Pär Hallgren, Caterpillar Propulsion


Design Automation for sales

Tacton Design Automation helps increase revenue by making it easier for your sales force to position and sell customized products.


“Whenever we can get our design documents and visuals into the prebid process, we generally win the job. When a prospective customer sees our design renderings, our sales closing rate is somewhere between 90 and 100 percent.” Dustin Birch, Director of Engineering, ClearStream Environmental


Why choose Tacton Design Automation from Symetri?

  • Fully embedded in the CAD environment
  • Powerful constraint-based configuration engine that can handle even the most challenging ETO and CTO environments
  • Product data is separate from the configuration logic, so products and prices can be updated easily and any changes automatically proliferate to the affected areas
  • Tacton design automation works seamlessly with the systems you use to run your business – ERP, CRM, PLM, CPQ and CAD


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