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License Management

Most organisations have streamlined operations, which has resulted in an increased need for mobility and optimisation of company resources. Laptops, mobile licences and the possibility of remote working all help to support these needs.

Licence procurement is governed by high cost awareness, but the needs may vary considerably from time to time. Despite this, many companies have no method of assessing their actual needs or securing compliancy.

Our knowledge of engineering licence management can help you achieve a clear view and understanding of your current licence and asset situation, covering compliance risk and actual need analysis.

CQFlexMon can support you in the cost and needs estimation for future investments. You can produce statistics on the number of hours a user or department has used a certain type of licence, and get a summary of any period of time. The integrated debit module allows you to ensure a fair allocation of the licence costs. There is also a module that shows all borrowed licences. To facilitate the administration of user details, you can retrieve this information directly from the ActiveDirectory database, providing your company uses this option.

CQFlexMon is module-based and is easily customised to provide the required functionality. Software that scans the licences is installed on a server, and information is retrieved using a configured time interval and stored in a structured database (SQL). Client software is installed on the client machine. This is used to analyse the results. All software that uses the FlexNet licence engine can be managed with CQFlexMon.