Sovelia Engineering

Manage and share your design data easily, efficiently and securely.

Sovelia Engineering is a Data Sharing solution that is simple to implement and allows you to manage, share and access design data easily, efficiently and securely.


Manage and release design information reliably with Sovelia Engineering

Sovelia Engineering helps you produce high-quality designs on time and budget to gain competitive advantages. Design information can be managed and released reliably to non-CAD users, change requests captured, and controlled design changes implemented.


Built-in Inventor & AutoCAD interfaces

Built-in interfaces in Inventor and AutoCAD combined with different automation tools in Sovelia Engineering eliminate manual and labour-intensive work for engineers when registering design data, converting data into general file formats such as PDF and sharing and releasing the files.


Web client

The Sovelia Engineering web client allows non-engineers to find and view the correct versions of drawings and documents easily without disturbing the engineers. All in all, this collaboration platform helps manufacturing companies save time and avoid errors, thereby reducing unnecessary costs and delays.



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