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3D Scanning & Model Creation

Getting the whole picture in a few seconds and making your business come alive.

3D scanning

Getting the whole picture - in a few seconds.

A 3D laser scanning is an optimal way of generating an exact replica of buildings or areas where data is missing and needed . It provides unprecedented exact measurements in three dimensions. Ready to use and to form the perfect base for wise decisions.

The result of a 3D laser scanning session is a so called point cloud. The cloud consists of up to millions of points that can be integrated with the CAD system to create 3D object models with accurate geometries as well as a complete navigable 3D image. Where everything that is in the image can be displayed and measured. Providing a point of certainty for whatever the challenge.

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Model creation

Making your business come alive

Weather it is scanned drawings, old 2D files or high-tech 3D scans, we can generate state-of-the art visual models of your facilities through CAD tools that can make a world of difference.

The result is not only neater more readable drawings but modelling also provides you with the advantage of being able to automatically load areas of spaces with added information, as well as the option of defining and refining details and features to the building component objects, which is of great use when it comes to improving operations and management. And that’s just the beginning.

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Neil Adcock, Head of Sales
Neil Adcock Head of Sales Phone+44 7980 735 215