A Manager’s Guide to BIM

BIM is not just about new software. As you make the move to BIM, it is important to realise that you’re changing much more than just the tools you use. Many of our customers have characterised this change as a much bigger leap than the move from the drawing board to CAD 30 years ago. BIM changes the way you collaborate internally, the way you run a project, the way you work with your customers. Most likely, it will bring about a re-evaluation of and change in your business processes. If you are involved at a strategic or operational level in helping your company transition to BIM, our 1-day A Manager’s Guide to BIM workshop is ideal for you.

Course content for A Manager’s Guide to BIM:

  • Understand how BIM has changed the way a project is designed, constructed, operated & maintained
  • Learn why is the UK doing BIM -- what is the value and the benefit?
  • Understand what BIM means to you as an organisation
  • Understand the UK standards for BIM, including the BS & PAS 1192 series
  • Transitioning from UK standards across to the international ISO 19650
  • Outside the ISO, what other supporting standards are there and what do you need to understand
  • Learn about BIM data exchange, COBie and IFC -- what are they and why use them? 
  • Learn about Level of Detail (LOD) -- what are the various options commonly used
  • Understand BIM certification – what, why, who and how
  • Understand Organisational Information Requirements -- what are they and why are they so important?
  • Define your handover via the Asset Information Requirements
  • Learn what information is required, and when, through the use of Exchange Information Requirements
  • Respond to a project’s requirements using BIM execution plans
  • Successfully plan your deliverables using the MIDP & TIDP
  • Understand the various dimensions of BIM, beyond 3D
  • Understand what the future of data and information looks like and its effect on your business
  • Appreciate the considerations when bidding for a BIM project
  • Organise the project team to deliver
  • Use BIM on site to enhance construction
  • Use BIM as a method of handover

Benefits of BIM Training

Understand the UK standards for BIM

Understand the legal implications of BIM

Understand the documents required to deliver the UK BIM Framework

Understand how BIM affects design, construction and handover

Expected outcome

Upon completing this course, you will understand the fundamentals of the UK BIM Framework (previously BIM Level 2), understand the UK and International standards relating to BIM, know how to apply BIM processes and methodologies to a project, and have an overview of the documents needed to deliver the UK BIM Framework.
After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion.

Expected outcome

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Gordon McGlathery
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