Alias CAS Essentials

This Alias CAS Essentials course provides you with a high-level overview of the interface, basic curve and surface creation and geometry manipulation and an overview of industry surface modelling best practises and procedures.

Course content for Alias CAS Essentials

  • Understand GUI, data and project structure 
  • Discover the UI fundamentals, geometry manipulation and management 
  • Use the Customisation and Preferences Geometry properties 
  • Learn Modelling best practises and curve-based modelling fundamentals. 
  • Learn the curve types: geometric (Keypoint), freeform, (CV, EP curves) and COS 
  • Create Derived surfaces: Sweep, loft and mesh tools 
  • Creating curve and surface transitions and blends 
  • Understand Surface Fillet, Symmetric Fillet, Freeform Blend, Profile Blend Surface Trim/Divide 
  • Discover how to trim, un-trim, trim convert, stitch, detach freeform modelling fundamentals 
  • Learn the CV Transform and Align Evaluation fundamentals 
  • Analyse Curve and Surface continuity, Cross Section Editor 
  • Understand curvature graphs, highlights and reflections, Non-proportional View Scale etc. 

Benefits of Alias CAS Essentials

Benefits of Alias CAS Essentials

Be able to create 3D “sketch model” from a designer’s sketch

Learn how to analyse your designs

Discover how to create and modify curve and surface models

Expected outcome

After completing the course, you wilbe able to use the strategies and workflows necessary to build a model quickly and translate a design into manufacturable data. 

After completing the course, you can log in to your personal student account and download a personal certificate. 

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Expected outcome

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Craig Snell
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Nov 30
Online Training - 5 days
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Date 30 November 2020 09:30 - 04 December 2020 16:30

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