AutoCAD Beyond the Basics

If you are like most AutoCAD users, you are under constant pressure to get your drawings out at the end of the week. There’s little time to explore the software. But you also know that you are improvising and cutting corners to complete tasks. And you’re sure those tasks would be much simpler if you were aware of AutoCAD’s advanced features. If this sounds like you, our 2-day AutoCAD Beyond the Basics course is your opportunity to begin to work smarter.

Course content for AutoCAD Beyond the Basics

  • Use object selection and visibility to speed up your designs
  • Use object selection and visibility to speed up your designs
  • Change layer states by freezing, locking and unlocking
  • Isolate, filter and merge layers, use Layer Walk
  • Understand temporary tracking
  • Work with blocks and block settings
  • Understand tool palettes – the easiest way to insert blocks
  • Attach data to your blocks
  • Use drawing templates for the settings that you want to include as the foundation for new drawings
  • Use AutoCAD’s standards tools to work quickly and efficiently
  • Top tips for a drawing layering scheme, create new layers
  • Simplify your day-to-day work by creating layouts that match your printers and paper sizes
  • Make complex drawings easier to navigate with named views
  • Use model space viewports to display multiple close-up views
  • Add annotation scale to objects enabling them to display in viewports at different scales
  • Exert better control over annotation with text and dimension styles
  • Use external references to enable members of a design team share common source files
  • Understand how to create a text object that automatically updates
  • Understand how to display information in a table in your drawing

Benefits of AutoCAD Training

Learn tips and tricks to speed up drawing production

Improve your drawing accuracy

Save time by reusing your drawing content

Improve drawing consistency

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training you will improve the speed and accuracy at which you create 2D drawings. After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion.

Expected outcome

Training at Symetri

Hear from one of our Training Managers Craig Snell on how we can create courses to suit your needs and the benefits of training with Symetri

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Gordon McGlathery
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