Autodesk Alias Class A Advanced

This Alias Class A Advanced course is a progression from the Alias Class A Essentials training and will teach you the more advanced modelling and surfacing tools available to you to use within Autodesk Alias. You will learn more about the creation of Class-A geometry using freeform reverse engineering methods, from reference scan data.

Course content for Alias Class A Advanced

  • Understand Class- A fundamentals 
  • Learn the terminology, modelling methods and best practices 
  • Discover the mesh tools for Class-A applications 
  • Understand how to prepare, repair and review designs 
  • Use the freeform modelling workflow 
  • Learn Surface by 4 Points, Section, Transform CV and Align 
  • Understand the design regarding panel gaps  
  • Create and understand Fillet Flange, Tube Flange and Panel Gaps 
  • Be able to carry out a model evaluation 
  • Understand aesthetic and analytic diagnostics 

Benefits of Alias Class A Advanced

Understand the terminology used in automotive surfacing process

Be able to create aesthetic quality in your designs

Have the engineering requirements to creates flanges and fit.

Learn all the production requirements for modeling tolerances.

Expected outcome

After completing the course, you wilbe able to use Alias Class A surface modelling tools to achieve the highest surface quality levels. You will have the skills to perfect the surfaces, designing flares and panel gaps to ensure that your designs turn into a beautifully manufactured product. 

After completing the course, you can log in to your personal student account and download a personal certificate 

Expected outcome

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