Autodesk Inventor Nastran – Thermal Analysis

This course will introduce you to thermal analysis within Inventor Nastran. The course will cover workflows based on best practices to help you, set up and analyse results with confidence. The course will go through various examples to illustrate static and transient thermal behaviour, including conduction, convection and radiation.  Stress analysis due to thermal effects will also be covered in this class

Course content for Autodesk Inventor Nastran – Thermal Analysis

  • Learn the most common features of the Thermal Analysis user interface 
  • Learn how to set up thermal conditions including convection and radiation 
  • Discover how to simulate thermal conditions on your designs 
  • Learn how to simulate permanent deformation on your designs due to thermal conditions 
  • Discover how to simulate time-based thermal loading on your designs 
  • Learn how to simulate combined thermal and stress analysis 

Benefits of Autodesk Inventor Nastran – Thermal Analysis

Be able to perform Thermal analysis on parts and assemblies

Learn how to perform Thermal Stress analysis on parts and assemblies

Be able to perform Transient Thermal analysis on parts and assemblies

Learn simulation tips and tricks based on best practices

Expected Outcome

As a result of this Inventor Nastran Thermal Analysis training course you will be able to perform advanced analysis more confidently on your designs. Enabling you to make informed decisions in helping create better products.  

After completing the course, you can log in to your personal student account and download a personal certificate 

Expected Outcome

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