BIM without Certification

At Symetri, we understand that BIM implementation can be a challenge with many components to juggle in the process of transforming the way your organisation works. With so many BIM standards, acronyms, software solutions and documents to get your head around, alongside the challenge of training and upskilling people, it’s no wonder sometimes things can lose focus. Our 1-day BIM without Certification workshop is your opportunity to refocus on what aspect of BIM is most important to your company.

Course content for BIM without Certification:

  • Are you looking for BIM certification but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you want to evaluate your current level of BIM adoption & maturity?
  • Need to define your vision and roadmap for BIM implementation?
  • Looking to identify efficiencies and savings from BIM?
  • Need to justify your goals and BIM business case?
  • Want some guidance and support from industry experts to review your progress?
  • Looking to identify the next steps for digital transformation in the business?
  • Wondering how to market your BIM capability and make your company stand out?
  • Looking for ways to increase profitability and make money from BIM?
  • This workshop and its underlying principles are flexible to account for companies of all sizes
  • Identify your goals, vision, current progress, gaps, opportunities and next steps
    Work through a structured implementation process – investigate, discover, plan, deliver, sustain
  • Understand the impact of BIM to your business, and its benefits
  • Learn how to test and evolve the new ways of working
  • Workshop audience: 8-16 people to enable varied but targeted discussions
  • Project staff, support staff (e.g. IT & HR), managers, directors should all attend
  • Finish with a personalised roadmap defining your implementation plan for the next 6 to 18 months 

Benefits of BIM Training

De-jargonise BIM and understand what it means to you

Understand the goals and challenges of each key stage of a BIM implementation

Walk away with your own personalised BIM roadmap

Develop and deliver the case for changing the way you work

Expected outcome

The output of this workshop will be the collection of findings achieved through the various interactive sessions. The workshop finishes with the delivery of your own personalised BIM roadmap document to meet the goals and vision identified by you during the workshop day. This training is only available as a private, company-specific, in-house workshop.
After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion.

Expected outcome

Training at Symetri

Hear from one of our Training Managers Craig Snell on how we can create courses to suit your needs and the benefits of training with Symetri.

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