Civil 3D Core Skills

AutoCAD Civil 3D software supports a wide range of survey and civil engineering tasks. It creates intelligent relationships between objects so that design changes update dynamically. So your civil objects – alignments, profiles, terrain models – all update when the data changes. Learning how to use these tools effectively is your key to working smarter in civil projects. You gain these skills in our 2-day Civil 3D Core Skills course. This course will not cover drainage / pipe network design, basic junction design, visualisation, or shared coordinate systems. For a beginner’s course covering these skills, please refer to our 3-day AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials course.

Course content for Civil 3D Core Skills:

  • Use point data to create a site plan that is physically and legally accurate  
  • Create a continuous surface that you can use to display contours and elevations accurately
  • Increase the accuracy of elevation calculations
  • Cut and Fill – review site volume calculations based on the terrain model  
  • Transform a 2D schematic into a 3D site model by adding a directional surface to elevations
  • Create long sections and new design profiles in a fraction of the time compared to AutoCAD
  • Use profiles to view elevation data along a horizontal profile
  • Represent a proposed surface along an alignment
  • View cross sections of elevations along surfaces
  • Incorporate road features into your design, such as lanes, sideslopes, ditches and curbs
  • Create a corridor to calculate how much soil to be move, how much concrete and asphalt you need

Benefits of Civil 3D Training

Design better infrastructure

Complete more civil work in less time with greater accuracy

Improve your project collaboration and workflow

Design a road in Civil 3D

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training you will be able to create, edit and analyse surfaces, view surfaces in 3D, create a site, create and edit alignments, create profiles and cross sections, create assemblies and corridors
After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion.

Expected outcome

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