Civil 3D Pipe Design

The Civil 3D Pipe Design Course builds on the skills gained during an Essentials course and will give you a greater understanding of not only the design and creation of pipe networks but also how to they interact with 3rd party drainage design software. You will also learn to create and export pipe and structure schedules.

Course content for ”Civil 3D Pipe Design

  • Create your pipe network plan, split or merge a network, swap parts 
  • Use interference checking, add labelscreate a network from an object 
  • Create an alignment, create a profile from a surface 
  • Use elevation adjustments, change the reference surface 
  • Understand target mapping for corridor and volume calculations 
  • Understand the importance of sample lines 
  • Use corridor tools to control side slopes, rock slopes, minimum backfill depth, bedding depth 
  • Work with network offsets and other trench characteristics 
  • Place a pipe table in your drawing 
  • Work with structures 
  • Export a report of the pipe network objects in your drawing 
  • Sum up the quantities, lengths and areas in your pipe network 
  • Work with parts families 
  • Using Civil 3D and Microdrainage together 
  • Exchange information between Civil 3D and Microdrainage 
  • Your dual modelling strategy – what to design in Civil 3D, and what to design in Microdrainage 

Benefits of Civil 3D Training

Design better pipe networks

Become more efficient in your design tasks

Improve your workflow and work smarter

Accurate integration of your pipe network design in the wider project

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training, you will understand pipe networks, use pipe network settings, create styles, define label settings, create your project template, create a pipe network from a polyline or by layout, change pipe network properties by adding parts, changing the surface or alignment configuration, adding a branch, understand pipe network rules, reports, and schedules and use Microdrainage to produce and control your Civil 3D model. 

After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion. 

Expected outcome

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Gordon McGlathery
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