Dynamo Beyond the Basics

This course is designed for users who have some prior experience of Dynamo either through our Essentials training course or through prior experience and use of the software. The Dynamo Beyond the Basics course will look at how to make the move into Dynamo script development beyond the basics or modification of existing graphs. As well as covering the next steps of the software from a technical perspective this course will also give you the skills and techniques necessary to develop an idea from scratch into a working Dynamo solution.

Course content for Dynamo Beyond the Basics:

  • Get started with Dynamo
  • Break down the most effective ways to work with data in Dynamo
  • Explore how to manage data within a list
  • Demonstrate the visual results
  • Quickly and easily store and lookup values
  • Learn top tips for finding the node you need out of the 500 available in Dynamo
  • Create your own nodes for those frequently used routines or that special graph
  • Use Dynamo templates
  • Get guidance to the most useful extensions available for Dynamo
  • Manage Dynamo in your office
  • Use Dynamo Player -- Make Dynamo more accessible in your day-to-day workflows 
  • Use Dynamo to create Revit geometry
  • Understand how Python works in Dynamo

Benefits of Dynamo Training

Understand new ways to approach complex design problems

Program using visual programming

Learn practical uses of Dynamo

Immediately use Dynamo in your everyday workflows

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training you will understand how to Evaluate and develop ideas before turning them into successful scripts.The second half of this course is an application workshop which focuses on addressing your specific challenges. We will work through your ideas from concept to completion. This part of the course is based on learning the skills needed to evaluate and develop ideas before turning them into successful scripts. Common tasks undertaken include creation of sheets from Excel, renaming / renumbering elements, model auditing, project clean-up or issuing, applying changes to views en masse, mass parameter updating, changing multiple families, creating complex geometry and speeding up object placement.

After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion.

Expected outcome

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