MicroStation for AutoCAD Users

No two CAD packages are exactly alike. But as technology progresses, MicroStation and AutoCAD are getting more and more alike with each new version. However, MicroStation and AutoCAD are still different CAD packages. This 3-day MicroStation for AutoCAD Users course is your opportunity to make a seamless transition. You will learn the possibilities, the limitations, and most importantly the differences, and work with them.

Course content for MicroStation for AutoCAD Users:

  • Understand custom line styles in MicroStation
  • Use MicroStation manager, MicroStation command window
  • Understand basic DGN concepts, master the main menu, screen menus, seed files
  • Control display attributes
  • Learn best skills for using all drawing commands lines, including smartlines
  • Quickly learn the MicroStation editing commands -- delete, move, rotate, scale, undo, redo etc
  • Understand element selection and manipulation by fence, delete and copy, Powerselector
  • Use locks and co-ordinate input
  • Use AccuDraw and AccuSnap
  • Use view commands, zoom, window, update, fit
  • Use levels and level manager
  • Use cells and cell libraries
  • Add patterning to a drawing
  • Add text and dimensions to a drawing
  • Use reference files and control their display of reference files
  • Save and plot drawings

Benefits of MicroStation Training

Quickly move to using MicroStation on drawing projects

Understand the key differences between MicroStation and AutoCAD

Work with an expert in both platforms to quickly transition your skills

Capitalise on your AutoCAD skills in a MicroStation environment

Expected outcome

Upon completing this course, you will overcome the language barrier between MicroStation and AutoCAD users, understand the two different classes of commands in MicroStation, quickly adopt best practices for working with the MicroStation user interface, quickly learn the key drawing and editing commands and techniques to begin creating 2D drawings in MicroStation right away, and work with MicroStation’s reference files.

Expected outcome

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Gordon McGlathery
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