Revit Content Creation

At some point early in your Revit journey, you will discover you need content that is not “out of the box”. But learning how to create this content – referred to as Revit “families” – can be a daunting task. Much more complex than AutoCAD blocks, Revit families represent multiple versions of the same component. This 2-day Revit Content Creation course is your opportunity to master the skills needed to create flexible, powerful and information-rich Revit content for your company.

Course content for Autodesk Revit Content Creation

  • Understand the user Interface – how it differs from the main environment 
  • Work with family templates – what is available and best use 
  • Understand how powerful dimensions can be in family creation 
  • Work with labels and parameters 
  • Understand family types and family parameters 
  • Understand how content affects your CAD standards 
  • Correctly utilise families in your model 
  • Make families that don’t bloat your project 
  • Use equations and rules to control your families 
  • Work with ‘System’ families 
  • Create data-rich families 
  • Understand and utilise conceptual mass 
  • Import geometry from external sources 
  • Apply what you have learned in the course – create content you would use in your workplace! 
  • Learn how to “break” a Revit family and then reuse its component parts in a new family 

Benefits of Revit Training

Improve efficiency and accuracy by creating dynamic, intelligent and flexible content

Improve the workflow of interdisciplinary projects

Learn best practices and standardisation options

For manufacturers, encourage the use of your products

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training, you will be able to describe component and system familiesuse the Revit family editor, create intelligent, flexible and data-rich Revit content that is useful in analysis and interdisciplinary projects, create and understand the advantages of using Revit’s conceptual massing tools in all disciplines, use the online Revit content sharing communities – what’s available and how to participate 

After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion. 

Expected outcome

Training at Symetri

Hear from one of our Training Managers Craig Snell on how we can create courses to suit your needs and the benefits of training with Symetri.

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Gordon McGlathery
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