Revit for IT Managers

Our 1-day Revit for IT Managers course is designed for individuals who need to understand the operational side of Revit. While establishing your understanding of the user interface, you will understand how to troubleshoot common Revit warnings, as well as gain knowledge on the overall maintenance and health of a Revit model.

Course content for Revit for IT Managers:

  • Navigate the user interface, use typical terms and concepts found in the software
  • Create a new model and understand where the file path is pointing to for a template
  • Create a central file to enable a work sharing environment
  • Understand the BIM 360 desktop application, how to synchronise, what happens when you do
  • Review history ‘comments’ of synchronised files and export this data
  • Understand detached models and how to detach a model
  • Understand and manage Revit releases on a project
  • Manage linked-in data and linked models
  • Understand visibility graphics -- why items appear hidden, clashing in a project
  • Understand overall file maintenance, what happens when you press “audit” when opening a file
  • Understand how to recover files
  • Understand how to restore backup files and where to find them
  • What is a 0.001 file?
  • Understand how to deal with warnings, which warnings are crucial to fix
  • Export warnings to HTML
  • Understand the meaning behind ‘Failed to Open Document’
  • Managing the overall health of a model, how to find corrupt elements within a Revit model
  • Deal with a corrupt model
  • How to fix Revit when it’s broken 

Benefits of Revit Training

Manoeuvre through the interface of Revit freely

Extract the required data from any model

Establish best protocols

Manage a model and its history

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training you will understand how to support your Revit project teams from an IT perspective.
After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion.

Expected outcome

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Gordon McGlathery
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