Revit Visualisation

At some stage, most Revit users provide need to provide realistic views of buildings to assist with concept design or pass on information to others who might not understand plans and elevations. You may want to walk through your building model to help your colleagues or customers understand your design intent. Or you may want to create a virtual reality experience for your customers to help you win business. If this sounds like you, then attending our 1-day Revit Visualisation course is your next step.

Course content for Autodesk Revit Visualisation

  • Use Revit’s cameras to create internal and external perspectives
  • Create a walkthough of your building, controlling your speed, and export to an AVI file
  • Create an exploded view to visualise your complex project
  • Use existing Revit materials as a template to create your own
  • Understand texture mapping
  • Learn how to prepare your project for a solar study
  • Graphically view sun locations and their impact on your project
  • Create still, single-day and multi-day studies
  • Control shadows, lighting, exposure and backgrounds
  • Learn how to display a photorealistic view of your model
  • Understand the steps to prepare your model for rendering – materials, lighting, components
  • Understand best practices for cloud rendering
  • Add light fixtures and view light sources
  • Add people, plants and other components to enhance your rendering
  • Understand the workflow for efficiently moving your model into Revit LIVE
  • Learn top tips for navigating a Revit LIVE model
  • Understand the importance of views, cameras and light sources
  • Adjust lighting, get BIM information from your model elements
  • Appreciate the role of Max Interactive in your VR workflow
  • Understand the popular platforms for VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality)

Benefits of Revit training

Better communicate your design intent

Create compelling photorealistic views of your building model

Enhance concept design through solar and shadow studies

Provide your customers with an immersive virtual reality experience

Expected outcome

As a result of attending this training you will be able to work with Revit’s visualisation tools, including perspectives, walkthroughs, exploded views, materials, solar studies, rendering and lighting. You will also understand the workflow between Revit and Revit LIVE and be able to bring your Revit model into a virtual reality environment for an enhanced visualisation experience.

After completing the course, you can log into your personal student account and download your official Autodesk Certificate of Completion.

Expected outcome

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