Design & Engineering

Optimise, automate and improve the quality of your designs

Would you like to improve the quality of your designs and work faster with fewer errors?

The design and engineering solutions and services we provide aim to support you to design more quickly, reduce designing and engineering costs and enable faster time to market of your products. Read more about the benefits of automating your design process, managing your product data more efficiently, simulation, generative design and drafting, and documenting your designs.


What can you achieve?

Efficient management

... of your engineering files and documents.

Re-use data


Secure regular backups

... of your company’s engineering data.

Reduce the time spend

...on repetitive tasks.

Recreate reality a virtual environment.

Automation of designs, tasks and processes allow easy product configuration, intelligent customisation and quick processing.

Related cases

More efficient product development at Movomech

Applying Lean Engineering methodology in practice minimised sources of error and increased product quality that save time and money.

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Implementation of PDM solutions increases competitiveness at APL

In-house innovation and development of high-end engineering solutions for the offshore industry is based on expert advisory by the consultants from Symetri.

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Merius optimises Design processes with Lean Engineering

Merius provides design, consultation and project management services, and lean thinking has always been part of the company’s way of working and a big factor in its success.

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Significant savings at Dellner with implementation of the right methods

Dellner has successfully increased efficiency in their processes by implementing the right methods.

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Simplified, streamlined and automated processes at Nordan

NorDan has a long tradition of building and designing its own production machines. The company uses solutions from Autodesk and Symetri to construct and design the machines of their window production. The tools have simplified, streamlined and automated NorDan's

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Standardised methods and design automation save time at IV Produkt

As one of Sweden’s most successful suppliers of air handling units, it is important to always be at the forefront of product development and to have a design department that works in a way that is as standardised and efficient as possible.

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Marine Aluminium saves 30% in design time of smart welding solutions

By moving from 2D AutoCAD to create a 3D model directly in Autodesk Inventor, company saved significant amount of design time.

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Digital simulation reduces costs and shortens time from plan to product at EKOVENT

Using Simulation CFD software from Autodesk, a product’s pressure drop can quickly be simulated and verified at an early stage in that product’s development, a procedure that previously was time-consuming and expensive.

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Hallströms Verkstäder improves its products by reducing pressure drops and optimising flows with simulation

Hallströms is an excellent example of how simulation can be used to improve the function of a product.

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